Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I am slowly going crazy

I haven't been posting much recently for a couple reasons:

1) I haven't been running due to my injury.

2) I am so sick of listening to myself whine about my stupid injury.

Those two things don't leave a whole lot on the plate in terms of blog content. So, I could just show you adorable pictures of my cats falling asleep with their toys:

But I am sure that is not why you come here to read. You probably want to hear about how miserable I have been during my layoff so that you can feel good about your double digit runs and blazing fast race times. Fine, I see how it is. I'll indulge you and talk even more about my gimpy butt.

I know I am not the first person to ever be injured and I won't be the last, but I am amazed at the thoughts that constantly creep into my head. For example:

- "I hate everything!" I feel like every runner I see when I am in my car is just out there to taunt me. I want to trip them with my evil telekinetic X-men powers. My drawer full of running clothes may as well go to Goodwill. All my muscles are atrophied and will never work again. (And I am never ever a negative-talk person like this!)

- "I can't sit in this house another minute!" Poor Kevin has faced the brunt of my frustration of basically being stuck on the couch. This injury came at a bad time too - football season just ended and baseball hasn't started. College basketball can only hold my attention for so long. Sundays in my house have been turning into very long days. I HATE to look forward to doing laundry and grocery shopping.

- "I don't want to do anything if I can't run!" I can't run, so I don't really have any reason to go outside. I can walk, but I can't trust myself not to try to run while out for a walk. Plus it's much colder when you walk vs. run and even though the weather hasn't been that bad, I still don't want to be cold while not running!

- "I may as well eat everything in sight!" I can't run so I'll probably gain some weight anyways, so why not eat Taco Bell three nights in a row? Or a whole sleeve of E.L. Fudge cookies? Or a 2-liter of Orange Soda? I swear I have been eating like a pregnant woman on a binge. You know those maternity shirts that say 'NOT FAT - PREGNANT'? I'm going to need one that says 'NOT FAT - INJURED' if I keep this up.

Order me one in size FAT INJURED RUNNER, please!

That's just part of the insanity that has been floating though my head the last 5 weeks. To switch it over to the bright side - my doctor did clear me to try small amounts of running. The first try last Tuesday was a disaster that ended in lots of pain and tears. My attempt last night was the exact opposite. I was able to run .25 twice without any pain. When the Rocky song came on during my cool down you can bet I was pumping my fists in the air like I had just won the Boston Marathon! I'm on my way back! (Or at least I better be!)

What crazy thoughts go through your mind when you can't run?


  1. Ugh, feeling for you! I hate all of the negativity that comes with being injured. Just hang in there, and you'll be so overwhelmed with happiness when you can run again!

  2. Oh I can totally relate to this. Whenever I am injured I notice every single runner. Just like the car you can't have. When I'm running and not injured I never notice other runners but take something away from me and it's all I can think about!

    You should totally market the shirt slogan. Love it! ha ha I would totally buy one.

  3. friend. i can totally relate to every single thing you wrote here. i experience ALL OF THOSE like every single second of the day when injured. dont feel bad about using the blog as an outlet...sometimes you just need a place to vent! hope you are back at it soon! thinking of you!

  4. I go nuts when I can't run and start eating everything in sight! So glad you ended this post by telling us you were able to do a short run with no pain, I was getting to depressed for you!

  5. It is soo hard not to get down on yourself when your injured and no gym to try and do at least do something else to occupy you. Glad to hear you were able to run pain free...even if it was only a short time...who cares!!!!

  6. Oh my god. I hate to laugh at the "you want to trip runners" comement. Funny though.

    I know how tough it is to be injured!! I hated it too!! Mine was only 3 weeks though. Keep your chin up! Go for that walk! Things will make you feel better! You won't be injured forever!

  7. Don't worry... we'll drink enough on Saturday to tame the demons.

  8. Been there done that - MANY times! Hang in there, girl!
    Thinking of you!

  9. Hope your next run goes as well as the second one did!


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