Monday, January 6, 2014

S-No-W Fun Run 1.4.14

What happens in Lake Geneva, stays in Lake Geneva...

That phrase just about sums up the fun and debauchery that was had this weekend at the S-No-W Fun Run put on by the Lakes Area Running Club. I was lucky enough to meet up with several members of The Wurst Running Club Ever who took me into their arms and lovingly embraced me as one of their own. Or some mushy crap like that...

me, Maggie, Anne, Kelly, Erin and Pete

Here is a checklist to see if you would enjoy this race:

  • A beautiful 5 mile wintery run on rolling country roads with happy volunteers and good running company? CHECK!

  • All the brats, burgers, schnapps shots and beer your heart desires? CHECK!

I obviously enjoyed the latter.

  • Happy runners turing into creepy costumed dancers having a helluva time? CHECK!

Yes, that's a dude in the pink tights.
He told me he won the race and that I should kiss him. Hmmm...

  • People making out in the hallway? CHECK!

Nothing says love like sweat and booze...

  • Photo opp with Playboy Bunnies? CHECK!

I felt so overdressed and under augmented!

  • Most important: Making new friends and looking forward to seeing them all again? CHECK!

Anne, Pete, Maggie, Crazy-eyes, Kelly, Mo and Erin (the sausage queen!)

If this check list is as appealing to you as it is to me, you may want to head over to Lake Geneva next January. Just don't forget your bunny ears and smoking jacket!

P.S. Thanks to Anne and Pete for most of the pictures in this post!


  1. Yay for good running company! :) And don't forget, the pleasure of sleeping in a kitchenette! Can't do that at every race. But you've pretty much summed it all up. I had such a blast with you on Saturday! So looking forward to the WI HM in May! We'll have to get on a similar post-race party. Maybe with slightly less taint-grabbing.

    1. (did I just make it weird with that last sentence?)

    2. Not weird at all! Thanks for reminding me of that though! ;)

    3. I forgot about that entire encounter until I saw that picture! Heh, hey guy in drag, we have nice asses too! He really did wear that whole ensemble well.

  2. Woo hoo! So glad you were able to join us! So, did you kiss the "winner"???

  3. It was so nice to meet you! I had a blast!

    You should add drunk swimming and deep hot tub conversations to your list... and bumming beer off strangers :)

    1. Well, I didn't want to give away all the secrets!

  4. Nice to meet you as well. Awesome picture of the "make out" in the hallway! :)

    1. I forgot I even took it till I was going through my pictures today!

  5. yay! great job :)

    would love for you to join me here, if you're interested!


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