Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why bigger is NOT always better

For Christmas this year we got our cats this great new toy called the Turbo Track. It's basically a bunch of pieces of track that snap together in different configurations and then the cats chase a ball through the track. They already had a small circular track with a ball that they love to chase, so we knew it could be a hit. It was.
Obviously Soxie likes to play and Leo likes to watch...

Then, one day I saw a you tube video of a cat that was playing with a GIANT Turbo Track made of multiple sets. The cat was going crazy for it, and I new that I HAD to have it. My cats couldn't just be satisfied with one tiny track when there was a whole world of bigger and better tracks out there! They had to have the best.

So, I bought two more tracks and when they arrived I spent all night making 'MEGA TURBO TRACK':

It was glorious! It had hills and curves and tunnels and even their circular track fit in the middle! Kitty cat heaven! Or so I thought. 
Those goobs just sat there and looked at it like this:
"Ma - I can't lay in one spot and play with this. You expect me to run around and play? I think I'll go take a nap instead."
So there it sat. Once in a while they would walk by, tap one of the balls and walk away. I would try to entice them to play by laying on the floor and pushing the balls around the track, but then I realized I was a moron who was playing with a cat toy. It was not everything I dreamed it would be.
So, this week I finally took the tracks apart and made two new, more compact Turbo Tracks. The verdict?


Don't get too caught up in Leo's excitement at the end. Heh.

Have you ever bought a toy for your pet and they didn't love it as much as you thought they would?  Years ago we bought them a 'cat hammock' that got sniffed once and that was it...


  1. I have a lab who is pretty much happy about anything! But if I find a toy he can't get the squeaker out of (which has been 1 in the 9 years we've had him) then he loses interest pretty quickly. At least you were able to make the toy into a new one so it wasn't a total waste.

    1. Awww that's why I love labs. All they want to do is play!

  2. My dog is happy to play with socks and things that aren't toys. The more expensive toys do last longer, though, because he's an aggressive chewer.

    1. I love that you mentioned things that aren't toys -my cats love milk rings, straws, hair ties and those rubber bracelets (like the Livestrong ones) better than almost any storebought toy!

  3. I love it, cats are awesome. I once had a cat who would play fetch with me.

  4. Leo likes to watch. Tap one of the balls. You kill me :)

    Have you seen Idiocracy? I was reading MEGA TURBO TRACK in an announcer voice from that movie, but if you haven't seen it... then, I should STFU.

    I am happy Soxie likes the Mini Mega Turbo Track. I wish Data would play with his! I have had a few moments where I was just playing with it too, thinking... this isn't right :)

    Data is so picky, as you know! His favorite toys are typically ribbons off of packages and wadded up napkins!

  5. Our dog is scared of his own shadow. And petrified of any toy we bring home that we think he'll love. Dogs these days....


That's what she said...